Project Description

Louie Hahn

Design & Production Co-Ordinator

(BSocSc) University of Newcastle

Louie Hahn is owner-director of Osmosis Creative – a photography, design & production consultancy business.

She lives by the beach with her partner & their two teenage children – who forever challenge & inspire her, along with their trio of pets – a Persian Blue cat, Blue Heeler & a feathered-footed chicken.

Louie has worked across the arts, community, education, corporate & entrepreneurial spaces for over 20 years. Some highlights include the creation of The Roost Creative – a share space for designers & collaborators; The curation of International Family & Community Strengths Exhibitions; The production of resource kits including Parenting Partnerships, Life Cards & Circle of Strengths; and concept creation & branding for clients such as Akuna Café, Native Body & Nest Property Styling.

Over the past 15 years, a sustaining thread in her work has been her collaborations with University of Newcastle staff where she explores creative ways to disseminate findings & experiences of Academics, Researchers, Indigenous Staff & Service Providers who work with marginalised groups.

She is currently Head Design Consultant for SMS4Dads – a text based & online parenting application in which fathers receive information & support. Louie’s role with University research teams includes the design & production of animations & films, development of imagery & photography, creation of infographics & social media & marketing campaigns.

As we rapidly move into a future of certain change, Louie is interested in how we – as designers, researchers, businesses, families & communities, manoeuvre ourselves in positive ways around population, parenting, climate change, global health & shifts in technology. How will these issues inform our interactions with each other across generations? How will we adapt to changes in supply, ownership & distribution of space, water, food, health services, energy, technology & information?

Louie envisions future collaborations with researchers, community groups, corporate organisations & individuals to capture ideas (both visually & aurally) and to share them with others – with change-makers, innovators, producers, leaders, policy makers & planners.