Receive free text messages, support, info & tips – especially for dads & dads-to-be

New and soon-to-be-dads can now receive useful messages and tips matched to their baby’s age.

Text messages are sent straight to dads phones – with tips, information and links to other services to help fathers understand and connect with their baby and support their partner.

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SMS4dads also works with services to support them to be more dad-friendly. If you’re a Health Professional or work in a service for fathers, we’d love your help to spread the word and recommend SMS4dads to dads you work with.

Health Professionals can Join Up for a 3 week ‘Professionals Taster’ to experience SMS4dads service yourself.


Dads play a vital role in the development of their babies – even before they are born – and they don’t have to wait until their babies are walking and talking to feel like they have a major part to play.

It’s important that dads feel included in parenting material as they play an extremely important role in growing up their kids. Research also shows that dads have a major influence on decisions around breastfeeding, not smoking in pregnancy, and lots of other decisions and choices that help keep kids safe.

However, most parenting information is currently directed at mums, and there’s not alot out there that speaks directly to dads.

SMS4dads is a service designed specifically for dads. It’s a simple idea. Most dads are really busy before and after the birth of their babies – and they may not go to lots of parenting classes… but they do have mobile phones.

Many of the SMS texts sent to dads use the ‘voice’ of the baby, for example,

‘You can talk to me about anything dad. Your words will help my brain development.’

Others suggest actions like,

‘Find ways to tell your partner she is doing an amazing job. This could be really important to her’.

To find out more about SMS4dads check out the info under ‘About’ or get in touch with our team.







SMS4dads is driven by a team of researchers, health professionals & designers who value and acknowledge the important role dads play in growing up their babies & children


Are you (or do you know) a father or dad-to-be who may be interested in SMS4dads?