There's no rule book

Being an expectant or new dad means learning on the go.

There’s so much to come to grips with in the transition to fatherhood – and there’s not a lot out there that speaks directly to dads. 

We’ve put together some resources with tips and info, along with some video clips of other dads and their partners sharing their experiences of parenthood.


Babies & Crying

All babies cry

On average new babies cry for 2- 4 hours per day and cry most often between 6 to 8 weeks after birth. This can put a lot of  strain on new parents.

Most crying is normal and it’s a baby’s loudest and clearest form of communication.

Parents have to figure out the best way to settle their baby and this can be tricky because many babies take a long time to work this out and for themselves.

The good news is that all babies stop crying – eventually.


Dads Antenatal Classes

SMS4dads run Zoom sessions for dads

SMS4dads offers Paternal Antenatal class via Zoom. 

The course is delivered by Dr Chris May, paediatric nurse with a long standing interest in fathering and parenting partnerships.  Chris has facilitated paternal antenatal classes for over 15 years

Zoom sessions were developed in response to fathers not being able to accompany their partners to regular antenatal appointments during the COVID pandemic and when many antenatal parenting programs were not running.

We are continuing to offer Paternal Antenatal Classes via Zoom. Get in touch for more info and to find out when the next Dads Antenatal Session is scheduled.

SMS4dads Antenatal 2-71-min

Richard Fletcher

Associate Professor, PhD

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