How it works

Joining up is easy – and IT’S FREE!  

To enrol, simply enter your baby’s due date or date of birth. If your partner is more than 12 weeks pregnant or your bub is under 12 months you join up by filling out a quick survey.

Once registered, you will receive three messages a week.

Some messages provide tips and encouragement. Others are health related to looking after your bub, and also about being mindful of your own health and ways to support your partner.

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Info & Resources


Checking in with dads 

Part of the messaging supports dads and their mental health.

A set of MoodTracker interactive texts are interwoven within the messages that ask  how you’re doing.

If a dad says he’s not coping, a health professional from a relevant service makes contact to check in and see if he would like some support.

The Flow

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What are the messages like?

Many of the messages are in the “voice” of the baby, so it feels like your baby is talking directly to you.

The messages are brief and some have links to more info.

They include suggestions and ideas about looking after your baby, providing support to your partner, and also about taking care of your self.

Although it is noisy in here I will be able to hear your voice from about 20 weeks. 
Try telling me about the things we will do together
If you’ve been at work all day you might be able to support mum by taking me out for a walk dad. This will give us more time to get to know each other.
So, I pass a lot of wind. Well – I’m growing fast and I have to eat a lot so my gut is very busy. What’s your excuse?

Richard Fletcher

Associate Professor, PhD

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