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SMS4dads is a multi-layered service. It has been designed to be easy-to-opt in and easy to opt-out. It is a non-obtrusive service that provides relevant information to dads where they need it – when they need it.

SMS4dads is not only for well dads who say they’re doing pretty well (even amidst the challenges of parenthood!), but it also provides some extra support for dads who may be doing it tough.

 Dads and their partners who experience the loss of a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth, dads and their partners with mental health concerns, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dads are sent tailor made messages to support them through their unique experiences.

We’ve listed below some answers to frequently asked questions.  If you have other questions, feel free to GET IN TOUCH

FAQs – Some frequently asked questions

Any dad or partner of a mum who is pregnant, or any dad (or someone who is in the role of the dad) of a baby less than 12 months of age.


It’s easy. Click here to JOIN UP. All you need to do is:

  • enter your name, phone number and postcode
  • complete a short survey

…and you’re in. 

You’ll receive three types of messages:

  • Messages from your baby…

“Although it’s noisy in here, I will be able to hear your voice from about 20 weeks. Try telling me about the things we will do together.”

  • Messages with links to other information…

“If you’re both up for it, then there’s usually no problem with having sex during pregnancy. It will not harm the baby. Visit this LINK for more info.”

  • Messages to check in on how you’re feeling…

Approximately every three weeks a ‘How’s it going?” interactive text is sent timed for common challenges such as baby crying or work-family balance. Dads can reply with a click and be directed to online help or more information.

Messages can start from 12 weeks into the pregnancy up until your baby turns one.

Once registered, you receive about three messages a week.

The messages are timed to match the development of your unborn or recently born baby So, you get messages to suit the age and stage of your baby’s development. For example, if you sign up one week before the birth of your bub your messages are synced to that stage of pregnancy. If your baby is two months old, your messages will be for that age. 

You simply text back ‘STOP’ to any message, and we take you out of the program.

There are no follow up offers or messages asking you ‘Are you sure you want to leave?’ Just one text asking you to give a reason. 

It will say:

Thanks for being part of SMS4dads. Your messages have been stopped. Do you want to tell us why you are stopping?  

1 = not helpful 

2 = I did not sign up for this

3 = situation has changed

4 = too busy

5 = other reasons

And that is all

About every three weeks you will receive an interactive text with a question about how you are going with one of the common challenges such as: 

  • getting ready for the birth
  • baby crying
  • regaining intimacy
  • or returning to work

The idea is to take a few moments to check in with how you are doing and maybe get some info or help. Mood Checker text messages often have links to online resources if you are interested.

There are countless programs marketed for ‘parents’ or ‘families’. Often these programs don’t necessarily talk with fathers. If fathers do join up for parenting programs, they often drop out as they are focused on the needs and experiences of mothers.

We want to reach dads. SMS4dads is designed specifically to support new fathers to:

  • bond with and care for their baby
  • work as a team with the mother of their baby
  • and to look after their own mental health


SMS4dads is free. It provides info for dads – when they need it, where they need it


As one mum said: “It helped my partner to feel part of the ‘baby process’, and that his experiences were also important. This made for a more cohesive family unit.The messages gave us both confidence and helped to avoid fights when extreme fatigue set in”

Mums play a significant role and influence on whether dads join up. If you’re a mum and you think your partner might find SMS4dads a helpful source of info and support, you can encourage him to sign up.

If you need help now there are services, information and support you access here. This page provides info about a range of areas where you may need help.

SMS4dads is a practical service that gives dads tips, tools and advice to guide them through the journey from pregnancy into early parenting.

FAQs -

Richard Fletcher

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