Dads and Baby Brain Development

Dads and Baby Brain Development -

When you are with your baby you are helping their brain develop. How you interact with your bub will be making connections happen in their brain. It might seem like nothing when you change a nappy or talk to them about something they can see. But for your baby it will be sinking right into […]

New Dads in Lockdown

New Dads in Lockdown -

Even though in the hardest hit states restrictions are easing we do expect that restrictions on hospital attendance will be in place from time to time. And without being pessimistic, there will be many dads working from home, some from choice, some forced to, and some stood down. In-person contact with workplace colleagues, family and […]

A worried dad talks to a Dietitian

A worried dad talks to a Dietitian -

When it comes to a baby’s diet dads have a big effect. Once your baby is eating solid foods dads can help manage what they eat. We asked a qualified dietitian to give us answers to some common questions from dads. Dad: I’m not sure she’s growing properly, what should I do? I would take […]

Mood Checker

Mood Checker -

We want to check if dads who are getting the text messages are doing OK. The time around the birth and afterwards is really busy and dads sometimes don’t notice how stressed they are. The Mood Checker is a nudge to stop and ask “How am I going?” A father enrolled in SMS4dads commented when I […]

Dads Influence

Dads Influence -

Dads have a major influence on whether or not mum’s access help when they might need it and how they manage the challenges of pregnancy and a new baby Dads can have a big influence on whether mothers go for help and get assistance when struggling with anxiety or depression. When at risk mothers were […]

‘Dad time’ in lockdown

'Dad time' in lockdown -

Now that we are coming out of the pandemic tunnel the task of balancing work and family must be figured out again. Many dads have had more family time and many employers are rethinking working from home options. What did dads say when they were asked these two simple questions? “What would you like to do […]

Early Arrivals – Supporting Fathers of Premature Babies

Early Arrivals – Supporting Fathers of Premature Babies -

Did you know that nearly 10% of babies are born early (less than 37 weeks)? Dads of these babies can have some extra challenges, especially if baby is in a neonatal intensive care unit. SMS4dads has developed some specific messages for these dads. For example, how to touch or arrange to hold a really small […]

Being an Aboriginal Dad

Being an Aboriginal Dad -

What do young Aboriginal fathers say about responsibility, support and being an Aboriginal dad?  We interviewed young Aboriginal fathers who had been involved in building the Stayin’ On Track website.  Below are some of their comments. Yeah, it’s good to have someone relying on you all the time; you’re a bit more responsible and a bit […]